Parsley Salad and Talapia

May sound funny to some of you but this is a great side dish.  It is especially good with fish or chicken. I use my salad shooter to grate the cabbage but that's just what I'm used to. I know it's just fine to use the food processor. This recipe serves six so just multiply it accordingly if you have a group.  I have found when I do double the recipe I usually don't use all the dressing.  As shown I served the salad with Parmesan Crusted Tilapia.  I usually buy the tilapia loins in the frozen section at Costco and they are excellent.  I dipped the fish in egg and then dipped it in one cup panko bread crumbs and 1/3 cup fresh grated parmesan cheese (mixed together). Season as you wish and pan fry in a little olive oil for 3 to 4 min. on each side, depending on size.

Parsley Salad

2 cups grated green cabbage
1/2 cup parsley, chopped fine
1/2 cup (or less if desired) green onions, finely sliced


2 1/2 T. sugar (I have made this with Splenda for those who can't have sugar)
2 T. canola oil
3 T. vinegar
1/2 t. salt

Mix dressing ahead and toss just before serving.

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