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Fresh Peach Sorbet

This was a healthy refreshing surprise. I love peaches so I had to try this recipe from Making Thyme for Health Blog. It only requires four ingredients and has no dairy or refined sugar. It serves four but if you want to you can just make two batches, or more. As you can see by the picture we didn't put it in the freezer after we blended it because we were so excited to have some so it is a little soft serve looking but oh so good. I did put the rest in the freezer so I will see how that comes out.

I'm thinking I will try other fruits such as mango, strawberry, watermelon, or banana.  The possibilities are endless.

4 cups fruit, I didn't even peel them, just a wash job, cut into 1 inch pieces.
2 tablespoons raw honey
1/4 cup (Almond Breeze) unsweetened vanilla almond milk, add 1/8 cup more if needs be.
2 teaspoons very fine lemon zest

Wash peaches and remove pits. Cut into 1" cubes. Place on half jellyroll pan and cover with handi-wrap. Put in fr…

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