Cupcakes on a Cruise Ship?

Went cruising last week on Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas to Belize, Costa Maya and Cozumel.  What a huge, I'm talkin huge and beautiful ship.  Had a blast!!  We were checking out the ship and while walking down the Royal Promenade what to my wondering eyes do I see?  Can it be, yes it is, a cupcake shoppe.   That's right a cupcake shoppe on a cruise ship.

Of course I had to try one and yes they were pretty good.  If you have ever been on a cruise you know that there is no lacking of food so I turned to look the other way and what do I see over there but my two boyfriends, Ben & Jerry.  It was then I knew this was going to be a glorious vacation. 

One thing I really love is that they have chilled soups to choose from every night in the dining room.  Keep in mind you are out in the sun all day so this is a nice first course.  The four I tasted were watermelon, raspberry pineapple, mango and peach.  I will definitely try to make some of these in the summer.  I'll post recipes and pictures when I make them. 

They had a late buffet by the main pool one night and we laughed that this is what we felt like at the end of the cruise, a roasted pig, fat and tan.  As much as we loved the food, have to say swimming with the dolphins was the highlight of the cruise.  You just hold on to both fins and they pull you through the water.  It's fantastic.  The only thing that's bad about a cruise is that you have to come home.