Ham Salad Sandwich

This sandwich brought back a lot of memories for me as my Mom used to take some of the leftover ham from Easter and make into ham salad sandwiches.  She would use a grinder and grind ham and sweet pickles. Of course now I use my food processor.  You can't use any pickles, you have to use sweet pickles or it just won't taste the same.  I haven't made this since forever.  You know how some things from you childhood just keep coming back to you.  Well this one is it for me and I rarely ever have ham.  She used to bake her ham with a topping of brown sugar and port wine and top that with pineapple rings with a cherry in the center with some cloves stuck around.  It was yummy and beautifully glazed and it also seemed to take some of the salty taste.  If you are going to bake a ham for Easter please whatever you do don't get a parts is parts ham.  The taste will be so much better if you get a bone in ham.  My husband eats his ham salad mixed with mayo and I eat mine plain.  The mayo helps it stick together but you don't have to use to much. It's really a no recipe recipe.  I use about five sweet pickles to a pound of ham.  It's always good on a crusty roll.