12 Layer Jello

Jello you say, on my blog?  O.K. I know it's only jello but it will impress your family or guests.  At least they will know you spent some time on it.  I had this at a Bunco last year and it was just so cool with all the layers so thin and perfect. When you look at the recipe I want you to remember to NOT follow the recipe on the package of jello.  Follow this recipe even though it may sound strange to you as far as the amount of water to add.  It will also seem strange when you start and have such a little bit of jello on each layer but that's what makes it have nice thin layers.  This recipe is made in a 13X9 dish but I'm also wondering if it would look great in another container such as a trifle dish.  Of course the layers won't be as thin which is the neat part but you could see the layers better through the side of the bowl.  You could improvise.  A tall thin champagne glass would be cool also to serve individually. It's not as time consuming as you think but I would do it when you are hanging around the house and have other stuff to do so you can be there to time the layers and do something else in between layers. 

12 Layer Jello 

You can use regular Jello or Sugar-free

Lime Jello (small box, bottom layer)
Lemon Jello (small box, next layer)
Orange Jello (small box, next layer)
Strawberry Jello (small box, next layer)
Raspberry Jello (small box, next layer)
Blackberry Jello (small box, next layer) (I used Black Cherry, couldn't find Blackberry)
1 - 16 oz. container sour cream

*hint - Every time you add a layer spread it around lightly with the back of a spoon. Don't move the dish to spread it.  Hold the dish very steady each time you put it in the fridge to set if you want it to show pretty through the side of the dish.

Dissolve the first package of jello (lime, because it goes on the bottom) in 1 cup boiling water.  Divide the jello mixture in half - in the first half add 1/3 cup sour cream and 1 additional tablespoon cold water.  Whisk well.  Pour cream mixture in bottom of 9X13 dish.  Put in the fridge and let this layer set up about 20 min.

Take the 2nd half of lime jello mixture and add 4 additional tablespoons cold water.  Mix well. Pour over the top of the set lime-sour cream jello mixture.  Put this in fridge and  let this layer set (about 20 min each layer).

Continue this procedure with the rest of the jello. Put your boxes in the order given above making sure you end with the black cherry on top.