Jun 9, 2011

Homemade Hot Fudge


Looks like ice cream season is going to be in full swing very soon.  This is a great go to hot fudge recipe that is sure to please.  It only takes four ingredients and it couldn't be easier to make.  I guess it can technically be called chocolate ganache so it has many uses.  Pour it over a frosted layer cake for a glossy finish, drizzle it over frosted cupcakes, put it in the fridge to set it up then make little balls and roll them in cocoa to make truffles.  It would be great in a jelly jar as a hostess gift, put a little checkered square of material over the jar lid with a ribbon, oh so cute! 

Homemade Hot Fudge

1/2 cup HEAVY whipping cream (I used Meadow Gold, old style)
3/4 cup semi sweet chocolate chips (use quality chips, I used Guittard)
1/2 cup milk chocolate chips
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Microwave heavy cream for 60 seconds, add chips and vanilla and let rest for 35 seconds to melt chips.  Whisk until smooth and glossy.  Serve immediately or refrigerate for a later time, reheat for 10 seconds or so until it's warm and creamy.

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Stacie said...

Now I know why I have tried to avoid this blog - geez. You are my weight watcher nemesis. (But I love ya tons!!!!)