Scenes From. . . . .SL Farmers Market

In Utah on the 24th of July we celebrate Pioneer Day.  It's all about the pioneers who traveled across the plains, with many hardships and loss of family, to settle this area.  Its a state holiday here. Also because of the 4th of July the whole month is filled with fireworks, barbecues, picnics, swimming, festivals, etc.  Our neighborhood has a 24th of July breakfast every year to celebrate. The kids decorate their bikes have an old fashioned bike parade and then we have the fire dept. come and hose down the kids.  They come up the hill with sirens ringing out.  The kids check out the fire truck, take pictures and then the fire hose shoots almost straight up in the air for the kids to run under.  It's great fun.  You know some adults get in there as well.  We pigged out on pancakes, eggs, bacon, lots of fresh fruit, milk, and OJ.  Well, this year after we pigged out we decided to leave a little early and catch the Downtown Salt Lake Farmers Market.  It was great as always but perhaps not as much produce as it isn't really the harvest season yet.  Lots of tomatoes, berries, cherries, and zucchini, but no corn yet.  Still plenty to look at.  The Market goes all the way around a large city block.  These are just a few scenes from the Market.

And back home again.