My Sweet Life

On my profile I said I would share recipes of all things delicious and a small part of my sweet life.  This is my grandson Nick and he is a big part of my sweet life.  I took these pics on our last lunch date of the summer before he starts school as a senior this year at Skyline.  Where did the time go?  It seemed like yesterday he was just this cute little blond kid running around my back yard.  I have never been more proud of him as I am today.  He has grown into a wonderful young man, smart, kind, friendly, loving, respectful and I could go on forever.  He loves the New York Yankees, he loves airplanes, he loves his guitar and who knew until recently that he can sing.  He also plays the piano and bass clarinet.  He plays church basketball and is soon to get his eagle scout award. 

Here we are trying to see how many fallen apples he can hit.  And yes I did get hit with smashed flying apple.

No matter how old Nick gets he will always be Grandma's sweet boy.

Nick, have a fun and fantastic senior year.