Pot Roast

This is a great recipe I got from my Niece and Sister-in-law about five years ago.  The roast is so tender and just falls apart and the flavor is heavenly.  It's made with red wine. You can use Merlot or Burgundy but I use Merlot. The wine works as a tenderizer.  I usually make it for Christmas.  You can put it in the oven early and not have to worry about it.   I have a big oval Dutch oven so I can put two roasts in it.

The roast recipe is really pretty simple.  You just flavor the roast (use a chuck roast) with whatever you want, salt/pepper, dredge it with flour, sear it in a little oil in a fry pan.  Transfer roast or roasts to Dutch oven or roaster pan.   Put enough red wine to go about 3/4 of the way up the side of the roast.  Add on top of roast one onion, quartered, one package of sliced mushrooms and three cloves (diced) of garlic PER ROAST.  Add one to two cups of water.   If you are making it in the oven the water and wine may evaporate some so you just need to make sure you add more water if it evaporates too much.  With my pan it doesn't evaporate hardly at all.  Use as HEAVY a dutch oven or roasting pan as you have with a GOOD FITTING LID.  Set the oven temperature at around 325.  The higher or lower you go will just regulate the hours it is cooking.  I usually set it at 325 and it takes about 4 to 5 hours. You will know when it is done if you fork it and it falls apart.  Can be made early and then just heated up.

If you really want a treat with the leftover roast either make tacos, so yummy, or pannini's with cheese on good bread such as roasted garlic or rosemary olive oil .