Season's Cupcakes

Here's a little bit of my sweet life.  There are a lot of things that are very important in my life and one thing that is near the top of the list are my friends and who I choose to associate with. Last night we celebrated the birthday of the founding of the woman's organization in our church, The Relief Society. Some of the ladies I have known for 20 years, others I have met thru the years and some I have met very recently. It's always wonderful to serve and associate with these fine ladies.

Last night we had a program of four speakers who shared a little about their season in life. Spring being the beginning of your womanhood, Summer being the early raising of your family, Autumn being middle age, and Winter being retirement age.  Each lady told us the happy times, the things they did not expect, if it was like they thought. You get the picture. They all did a great job and it was nice to hear that we are all unique yet very much the same. We had two decorated tables of eight for each season and put the centerpieces and cupcakes for that season in the middle of the tables. Sorry I didn't take pics of the tables as I didn't think I would be posting about this and then changed my mind.

Thanks to the decorating committee, everything looked so cute. We had a wonderful dinner of Sticky Coconut Chicken, Rice, Mandarin Orange Salad, Rolls and Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes. Thanks to the ladies on the food committee, it was yummy. Just wanted to share pictures of the cupcakes with fondant toppers made by yours truly.





Stacie said…
Best part of the night were those cupcakes!!!!