Fresh Sweet Cherry & Brie Panini

I told you I was going to have more recipes with fresh cherries. Well, I think this will be a personal favorite. Brie is just a wonderful cheese when it's melted and then you add a little sweetness to it and oh yeah put it in the panini press. Yum. 

The first thing you need to do is find some artisan bread at the bakery. Slice some thick slices of bread and line the bottom slice with pitted and halved cherries. Cut the paper off your Brie cheese and thinly slice it or how however much cheese you want. I get my Brie at Costco. Good price, good cheese. Layer Brie on top of the cherries. Add more cherries on top of the cheese. The cheese with the sweet cherries is fabulous. Put on the top layer of bread and lightly butter. Put buttered side down on the preheated panini grill. Butter the other side and put the press down. Now all you have to do is wait for the magic of the panini press to do it's gooey wonderful thing and bam you have a fantastic sandwich. No panini press? Please don't let that stop you just get out a cast iron skillet or fry pan and go for it.