15 Of My Favorite Scene's From Summer

My favorite missionary lives in Hawaii. Eight months down already.

This is in the canyon behind our house and this flag was hung on a big cable stretched from one side of the
 canyon to the other. The flag is hugh and it hung up there for the whole month of July. It was awesome
especially when you were driving up from the valley. In December there is a big star that is put on
the rocks and it is lit up at Christmas for three weeks, also very awesome.

My favorite missionary and his last companion, Elder Kim from South Korea. So far he has had companions
from Nigeria, California, South Korea, and now he has a new missionary he is training from Saipan.
Diamond Head in the background.

Looking into the south Salt Lake Valley from the park behind our tract of homes.  Looks like we live in the
 country but we don't. There are way over a million in Salt Lake and it's outlaying smaller cities.

A visit from Emily our niece from CA.

A visit from Ella our niece from CA.

My daughter has chickens and bees. This is Amelia. Of all her peeps she took flight first.  

Love petunias.

Honolulu, Hawaii Tabernacle

Thunderstorms were a little more frequent this summer. I took this picture because I thought it looked really eerie.

Stuck in the elevator for a while, had to climb out.

Black Eyed Susans in my backyard.

My backyard.

Read cute Audrey's shirt. Yay!

20 faithful missionaries taking two years out of their life to serve in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission.
My favorite missionary (grandson) is in the orange socks, as if you didn't know.
Yes, the scenery is beautiful but they work very hard every day well into the evening.
This is on P-day, which is their one day off a week for preparation of the week ahead and a little fun.


Stacie said…
Awww - I love this little look back over the summer. So fun!!!