Ready for Christmas (at least for the decor)

Just thought I'd let you in to see a few of my Christmas decorations. I actually put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving then followed the next few days with all the other stuff. It's always so fun to put them up but when it comes to taking them down I don't feel so eager.  I love my guys as I call them. They always lend a smile to my face when I see them and a lot of days I need that smile. I love my pictures of Jesus, Joseph and Mary on my living room mantle. My good friend Karen Tree gave them to me years ago and it keeps me focused on the reason for the season.  I also love the picture of my Grandson that I took when he was little and I always put it out every year. He is 22 now and just as cute.

I hope we can all reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. It seems like this time of year people are just kinder and more loving and giving.  Weather you celebrate the same as I do or have other traditions I wish you all a wonderful holiday season. We can all be kind and understanding and love one another.


Stacie said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Now you need to come and help me decorate. You always have such a gorgeous house and your decorations are some of my very favorite. I admire you so much!!! xoxoxo